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Finn Harald Røed 1986

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Finn Harald Røed

Free MP3 songs and albums with CD-cover and lyrics, music video, history and blog from a Norwegian songwriter and musician.

Ever since childhood I have known music would play a major role throughout my entire life. I played, sang and wrote music constantly while growing up.

Since the mid 80's my mind has been set on unwritten songs. I can't help hearing melodies and music arrangements that fit with the rythm of my own footsteps, heartbeats or breath.

The addiction to my own creativity has resulted in an extensive music production, mostly within the pop/rock genre dressed in my own personal spice of synthetics and electronics, but also within experimental music, el-guitar based rock and even laid-back romantic ballads.
After some serious attempts to adopt the record industry's commercial demands in the mid 90s, I ended up with almost loosing my love of music. I then promised myself to never again mistaken the music waiting inside me with opportunities to make money.

This website presents my evolving musical compositions and thoughts on various topics, as a Norwegian song writer and musician. All my music releases are now made available for free on the Internet. Music and lyrics are proof and celebration of intelligence and creativity, mirroring the inner emotions of the human spirit.

The free MP3 downloads are for private use only (copyright Finn Harald Røed). Most of my music is written with little thought of the commercial demands of the music industry, which in my opinion has less artistic integrity than ever.

Finn Harald Røed,

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Please feel free to visit my Norwegian web site at

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Latest information about MP3 downloads and other music news

March 18, 2015:
Finn Harald Røed, new album 2014My latest album (11 brand new songs) is now available on Spotify and iTunes. "Scream at the wall" is my first album in six years, released under the artist name Supermensch. It's also my first el-guitar based rock album. Helmer Hemnes plays bass guitar on all tracks, while Ruben Røed plays the drums on selected tracks.

Dec 12, 2010:
Finn Harald Røed, free Norwegian Christmas MP3 single
My first and only Christmas song so far may now be downloaded (mp3) via the dedicated page for the song "Christmas is coming". There you will also find the CD single cover, information about the song's background, the lyrics and the recording process.

Nov 08, 2008:
Finn Harald Røed, free CD
It was with great joy and relief that I announced my long time scheduled album "Magical Graphic Color Scheme". You may download the full album or each song individually in MP3-format - all 100% FREE! Please check out the MP3 album's download page.

Oct 10, 2008:
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