New album in 2017

I am working on a brand new album with 100 % new material, written and recorded between January and August 2017. It is scheduled for release during September 2017. A brand new music video for one of the upcoming album's songs ("See you") was released on YouTube on April 13, 2017.

Writing music is self therapy. The songs for this album might be the most honest I've written since I was in my early twenties. Actually that brings me back to and before the Kingdom X period, which was a time when I was highly productive and could write several songs a week, without any defined commercial goals.

After a year of little activity, in January-February 2017, I simply started sitting down with my synthesizers and microphone in the studio, and wrote whatever music that naturally came to me. This resulted in a constant flow of brand new melodies, exploring and expanding a genre in which I've always felt comfortable. 12 brand new songs will be relased as soon as they've gone through the fixing, mixing and mastering processes.

As soon as the new album is released, it will be available for download (MP3) on this website. It will also be available on Spotify, Tidal and iTunes.